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Title: The Wheels on the Bus
Author: Gemma

The Wheels on the Bus

Damnit, even the bus driver was looking now.

“Eyes on the road, buddy.” Nathan muttered, but he did nothing to end the current situation. They were putting on quite the show.

“Maybe we should quit, Nathan.” Haley husked as he pulled her tighter into his body. She glanced over his shoulder at the old lady sitting opposite failing to disguise her disapproval.

“We’re entertaining them, Hay. They get a free show on their way home. They should really be thanking us.”

Haley giggled as his warm lips nuzzled into neck, and the hand which had been resting on her waist slid higher. He mumbled something she couldn’t quite make out. “What, honey?”

“Tell me again,” He repeated.

“Tell you what, babe?” She asked, her voice taking on a teasing lilt. She knew exactly what he wanted to hear, but it was so much more fun to play games.

“You know what,” He growled, nipping harder at her neck. It was so going to be a turtle neck to school tomorrow, she thought ruefully.

“Hmmm, nope.” She placed a finger on her chin and pretended to look pensive. “Not ringing any bells. Give me a clue.”

“Three words. Eight letters. The most important thing anyone has ever said to me.”

“Ohhh. That.” Haley giggled. She gently directed Nathan’s face to hers. “Hi, baby.” She smiled.

Nathan waited breathlessly., his hand softly stroking the nape of her neck. Their eyes explored every square centimetre of the others face. She reached up a hand and lay it against his cheek.

“I love you, Nathan. I love you. So much.” She finally whispered.

The smile that spread from ear to ear warmed her heart. “Thank you, baby. I love you ,too. I’m so in love with you, Hay.” He leaned forward until their lips met; softly at first but then more insistently. Haley allowed herself to ignore their surroundings and urged his lips apart, before slipping her tongue in eagerly.
He welcomed the invasion, letting his tongue curl tightly around hers as they devoured one another. There was most definitely some moaning now.

Nathan hesitated slightly before reaching out and taking her hand. Carefully, making sure they were hidden, he placed their intertwined hands on the rather evident arousal in his pants. Haley’s eyes opened and she jerked her hand back in shock. “Not here!” She whispered urgently.

“Trust me, babe.” He answered, and pulled her hand over again, leaving it on him while he returned his own hand to her waist.

Oh my god.

I’m touching him in public! I’m on a bus surrounded by people, old people!, and I’m fondling my boyfriend. Is that what happened when you fell in love? You got so damn horny it didn’t matter where the hell you were? Oh god…

“God yes, Hay..” Nathan was murmuring into her ear, “Right there, baby. So good.” Cautiously he slid his hand around her back, caressing her soft skin, before slipping it up even higher and playing with her bra strap. Her breathing was harsh and ragged as he spent a few moments teasing the skin there before sliding back down to her waist.

He found her lips once more, and began attacking them with renewed enthusiasm, as his girlfriend continued her tentative stroking.


Haley yelped and snatched her hand back, shoving Nathan back to his seat, before raising her bright red face to the person standing beside them. “You kids planning on getting off anytime soon? Or is this your home for the night?”

“Huh?” Nathan replied in confusion. “Shouldn’t you be up front? Hands on the wheel?”

“I was. Until I finished my route, son. Last stop. Everybody off.”


“We missed our stop?” Haley spoke up. “Damnit Nathan, we’ll have to walk back! I don’t have any more cash on me,” She huffed, slouching down into her seat.

Nathan got to his feet, pulling Haley up with him. “Sorry, man. Got a little forgetful,” He winked, as Haley rolled her eyes.

The bus driver broke out into hearty chuckles. “I noticed, son. So did my other passengers! First love. I miss those days.”

The couple smiled bashfully and walked to the front of the bus, Nathan stepping off first and then swinging Haley up into his arms and down. Haley burrowed into him, wrapping her arms around his waist as they walked off.

“Whatever shall we do on the walk home, Hay?” Nathan growled lecherously, sending her a wink and his best smirk.

“I’ll ride you.”

“Wha…Huh? Wha…” He spluttered out.

Haley grinned and letting go of him she walked behind and jumped on his back. He stumbled, but regained as balance as she clung on tightly. “It’s only fair, given I have to walk home now.”

“Hey, fine by me, babe. I still got your legs wrapped round me.” He chuckled.
She playfully slapped his shoulder, before bending down until her lips were level with his ear.

“I love you, Nathan.”

“Love you too, baby.”
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